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Family & Marriage

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  • Author: Sheikh Hassan Ayub. I have produced the book in a simple way, so that those who are not specialized in fiqh may understand its contents easily. Interestingly enough ,the summaries that i have made for the subjects of the book may be sufficient to the extent that one may not have to refer to the original studies. Moreover, i have tried to present each study with evidence and proof as well as the different viewpoints of scholars and jurists, especially the moderate opinions that highlight Islam’s beauty and perfection. 14x20cm 366pgs HB Learn More
  • Author: Hudda Khattab. This book has given an overview of the mother's role and touched on the basics of raising babies and small children. Whilst motherhood is one of the most rewarding of roles, it is also a very complex role that brings many trials and challenges that cannot be covered fully in a single volume. It is hoped that having read this book, readers will go beyond its parameters to learn all they can about how to care for their infants. In the teachings of Islam, the voices of experience provided by our own mothers and grandmothers, and the exchange of ideas and tips with other parents, new mothers can find guidelines to follow as they embark upon the journey of motherhood. The help and advice of doctors, public health nurses and other professionals may also be added to the mother's "support system." Over and above all that, the Muslim mother can and must put her trust in Allah and seek His help and guidance 15x21 CM 333pgs PB Learn More
  • Author: Ashraf's Amanat . New 4th Hardback Edition of one of the most comprehensive,popular & Best-Selling Islamic guides on marriage in English based upon the works of contemporary scholars/Researchers Ashraf's Amanat 15x21 CM 424pgs HB Learn More
  • Author: Umm Safiyyah bint Najmaddin. "The Muslim Parent's Guide to the Early Years" is an invaluable aid for parents to help bring up their pre-school age children in an Islamic setting. It offers advice from the Qur'an and Sunnah to the busy parent about a variety of issues from how to create a child-friendly, Islamic home environment right through to how to deal with a disruptive child. It is packed full of ideas and activities that will keep children from the ages of 0 to 5 stimulated in all areas of their physical, mental, emotional and religious development, with sample daily activity plan, themes and observation chart. 15x21 CM 95pgs HB Taha Learn More
  • Author: Ruqqiyyah Waris Maqsood ; Being a teenager is not an easy business. You’re told you are "too young" to do half the things you want to do: your mother is always asking you to tidy your room. Your father is always reminding you to pray. Your younger sister is annoying you when all you want is some PEACE AND QUIET... You are not sure if it's everyone else that is going mad or you. Luckily, Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood in on hand. Having a wealth of experience as a teacher and an 'agony aunt', she understands the minefields that are the teenage years. This book is a light-hearted, humorous, but above all, sympathetic pointer to coping with teenage life as a Muslim. 15x21 CM 132pgs PB Taha Learn More
  • Author: Rayhana Khan. Have you ever wanted to know the truth about growing up as a young Muslimah but were too shy to ask an adult? Well this the perfect book for you! Written from a 'big sister' perspective, A Muslim Girl's Guide to Life's Big Changes explains all, from choosing the right friendship group, advice about school life and social life, to the physical changes you will experience from the age of 9 onwards. Rayhana Khan has drawn on her solid Islamic upbringing, her role as a teaching assistant at a local primary school as well as her work at a Muslim Girls' Youth club to write this indispensable handbook. 15x21 CM 32pgs PB Taha Learn More
  • Author: Sami Khan. Have you ever had questions about growing up as a Muslim but didn't know who to ask? Well this is the perfect book for you!. You'll discover the exciting world of the growing Muslim teenager with this practical and easy - to - read guide. A Muslim Boy's Guide to Life's Big Changes gives 'brotherly' advice on life in general from Islam and friends, school and home life through to the physical changes you will experience from the age of 11 onwards. 15x21 CM 48pgs PB Taha Learn More
  • Al-Hikmah is a divine prerogative. It is a gift from Allāh granted to whomever He Wills from among His servants. Some define it as 'beneficial knowledge that corroborates with good righteous deeds'; others say it is 'doing an appropriate act at the most appropriate time and place'; and yet others deem it to be foresightedness, comprehension, felicitous conduct and good opinion. All of these definition are in fact befitting and apt. Allāh, The Most High bestowed Luqmān (upon him be peace) with much foresight, intelligence and profound judgement - injecting it deep into his heart whereby his words, deeds and manners were grounded in wisdom. Allāh Revealed: "And indeed we bestowed upon Luqmān Al- Hikmah..." [Luqmān (31): 12] The instructions and advices found in the story of Luqmān Al-Ḥakīm comprise noble guidance and contain perfect conduct in inviting people towards Allāh, and nurturing of children. It speaks of proper upbringing of a generation, describing ways to success and teaching people holistic goodness. Making it incumbent upon every mentor, father and teacher to pay attention to the prescriptions found therein; providing contemplation and deriving exemplary lesson plans in the field of propagating and education. These lessons can tangibly facilitate in drawing hearts and enriching minds. Consisting of elementary details that appeal to one’s good conscience; for indeed putting across Allāh’s Message to mankind requires proper planning and tact that is plentiful within the story. One who advises to such a degree is indeed blessed with prudence - a blessing from Allāh, not just for Luqmān but for anyone who takes him as a role-model. Learn More
  • Allāh the Most High Said: “And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents...” [17:23] After Allāh Almighty, there is none who has realised a greater favour to any person than one’s own parents. His mother bore him in extreme difficulty and went through great hardship and trouble while carrying him. Both parents performing their best in raising him, providing love and compassion and working hard to spend on him; spending sleepless nights tending to him while ignoring their own wants and desires. Islām has gone to great lengths in impressing piety towards parents and indicating reward and punishment associated to it. A person with basic common sense understands the rights of the one who renders favours to him; not recognising such rights is from the most deprived qualities one can assume. A person who is dutiful and good to his parents should know that no matter how diligent he is towards them, he can never repay or thank them for their rights and privileges granted to them by Allāh. The renowned and eminent scholar, Ibn al-Jawzī penned this emotive book upon witnessing disregard and neglect some of the youth in his time had for their parents and kin, and not regarding it to be a necessary part of religion. He therefore felt the need to compile a short tract on these obligations so that the unaware may take heed and reassess the shortfalls in regards to their own obligations. He arranged it into seamless chapters touching on divine basis for being dutiful to parents and enjoining ties of kinship. This English rendering of Ibn al-Jawzī’s ‘Birrul Wālidayn’ will assuredly lead to marked positive realignment of our own relationships with our parents and families. And Allāh grants the means and ability to whomsoever He Wills. Learn More

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