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  • My First Arabic Game Goodword Learn More
  • A fun counting game where each player has to collect golden coins to help build the Masjid. But watch out for the magpie who loves to steal shiny coins! Suitable for 2-6 players. This game builds on:Math skills, social skills and concentration. The sturdy game components can be used as various other educational resources i.e. the coins cards can be used as a stand alone counting resource and the masjid puzzle can be made up as a simple puzzle game for younger children. Recommended age: 3-9 years Learn More
  • A fun memory game, which builds on memorisation, concentration and vocabulary. Also introduces your child to the concept of giving to charity. Ages 3+ Learn More
  • Prophet Yunus - written by me!

    Story Of Yunus (as) Written by me! Is a creative book where your child is the author.

    The child can read each page, then write it in their own words.

    Younger children can copy the text. Older children can do their own research.

    The child can place the right sticker on the page.

    Once the child has finished the story, there are pages in the back for children to write down where Yunus (as) is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith and what lessons they have learnt from the story of Yunus (as).

    Paperback with 32 pages

    Learn More
  • A wonderful illustrated card making set for hours of creative fun. Make a special card for Eid, or to say Jazahkhallakhayr or a congratulation for completing the Quran! The word stickers say: "Eid Mubarak", "Mubrook", "Jazahkhallakhayr" and "Mubarak" 18 Cards 18 Envelopes 180 Stickers All in a decorative box Learn More
  • Arabic Memory Game is an easy, fun and fast paced game for two or more players. It a great way to learn Arabic alphabet and pictures while developing concentration, matching, object and alphabet recognition skills. All you have to do is to find as many matching tiles as you can. Once all the beautifully illustrated tiles are matched up, the player with the most tiles wins! Learn More
  • The Quran Explorer Game is a game based on the Quran. It is suitable for 2 to 6 players’ aged eight and above. It is a highly entertaining knowledge game to play with family and friends. Learn More
  • First 50 words contain 50 large flashcards using 50 most frequently used words to help your child develop the basic Arabic vocabulary. On the one side of the card there is one beautifully illustrated picture and on another side of the card is its word in Arabic-English and its transliteration to help you easily read and pronounce the word Learn More
  • THE QURAN And DUA PILLOW With Lights And Sounds Contains: Quran Surahs Surah Fatiha Ayatul Kursi Amanar Rasuloo (End Of Surah Baqarah) Surah Yaseen Surah Ar Rahman Surah Mulk 3 Quls Arabic Duas: Sleeping Waking Before Doing Anything (Bismillah) For Praising Allah (Alhamdulillah) For Learning More Knowledge For When We Sneeze Before Eating After Eating When Going To The Bathroom After Leaving The Bathroom When Going Out Of The House When Greeting Somebody (Assalamualaykum) When Replying To A Greeting (Walaikumsalaam) Asking For forgiveness Nasheeds Assubhu Badaa – Allahu Allahu 99 Names of Allah – Asma Ul Husna – Kamal Uddin La Ilaha Illah – Kamal Uddin Alif Baa Taa –Arabic alphabet 4 Durood Sharif’s 6 Kalima’s & Imane Mufassal 1 First Kalima (Tayyab): 2- Second Kalima (Shahadat): 3- Third Kalima (Tamjeed): 4- Fourth Kalima (Touheed): 5- Fifth Kalima (Astaghfar): 6- Sixth Kalima (Radd-e-Kufar): 7 (Imane Mufasal) English Duas Make Me A Hafiz Of The Quran Help Me To Give Charity Make Me A Good Muslim Take Me And My Family To Jannah Take Me To Makkah & Madina Help Me To Be Good To My Parents Bless My Parents With Jannah Forgive My Parents, Grandparents And All Muslims Learn More
  • The Madinah Salaah Fun Game offers you entertainment and fun and, at the same time, makes it easy for you to learn the meaning and message of the Five Daily Prayers. This game will enable you to learn how to perform Salat in an easy way and will teach you its purpose, form and significance. It also helps you to acquire knowledge about the different kinds of prayers offered on various occasions. In short, the Madinah Salat Fun Game will help you embark on your spiritual journey an easy and fun-filled way. Learn More

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