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Raw Honey

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  • A clean, delicate and not overly sweet taste with hints of vanilla and distinct floral overtones. This raw, cold-processed 100% natural honey has its origin in the flowers of Romanian Robiniapseudoacacia (also called 'black locust') acacia trees. It offers an unprecedentedly clean, delicate and not overly sweet taste with hints of vanilla and distinct floral overtones. Often called 'water honey' or 'moonflower honey' because of its incredibly pale colour, acacia honey owes its distinctive appearance to its low natural acidity, our unique cold filtration process, and the remote, pristine, all but uninhabited hillsides where these groves (and the bees who tend them) thrive. However, it's most important properties are those that cannot be seen - or even tasted - directly. Acacia honey is one of the least allergenic of all honeys because of its naturally low pollen content. Like all honey, it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, and has been used in healing for generations. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and a vital (not to mention delicious) part of any diet that focuses on these foods. The fact that this acacia honey is raw, cold filtered and processed entirely naturally means that it retains all of its original goodness, in ways that supermarket honey - even store bought acacia honey - simply cannot. It is very high in polyphenols such as gallic acid and various flavonoids, and forms a part of many natural remedies for just this reason. Acacia honey has one more unique property - it resists crystallising longer than any other honey without any processing. We all know the frustration of seeing a lovely jar of honey turn all but solid before we have time to use it. Because acacia honey has a high fructose/glucose ratio, it lasts much longer on the shelf, even after being opened. GLASS JAR 340G Learn More
  • Raw honey is something truly special and nothings beats the beautiful wild pure honey we have for you here! Our Nature’s blends black seed infused honey would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s kitchen of health supplies and it is packed with antioxidants. Pure raw honey is already great for you but this is blackseed honey and that means it’s even better. Black seed oil has been used in many Islamic medicines and is believed to help with a number of ailments including things like dizziness and tiredness. Perfect with your toast, cereal, soup, a drink or just a quick spoon full when you’re feeling peckish our Nature’s blend black seed infused honey can be enjoyed in many ways. You could apply it directly to your hair or skin if you like as well. • Beautiful wild, pure honey! • Made with an extra-special secret blend. • Bursting with flavour and health benefits. Glass Jar 250g Learn More
  • Sourced from the exotic lands of Spain, Thyme Honey encompasses a unique flavor profile and intense taste. Its beautiful color with slight hughes of orange, red, and yellow captures the very plant this honey is sourced from. Thyme honey also has a herbal aroma with hints of intense spice that will wake your senses. Have a sore or dry throat? The cooling sensation and subtly spicy scent of Thyme Honey will clear it up in an instant. Size: 340G Colour: Dark Amber Texture: Runny Sweetness: Medium Thyme is a herb that grows on shrubs in hot climates. It also comes from the same family of herbs such as mint and sage. During ancient times, thyme was used for more than just adding flavor to foods. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks would burn thyme to use as incense to enhance respiratory function and memory. Learn More
  • What could be better than our pure raw honey? While pure raw honey with a twist of lime of course! Harvested in Romania and using only the finest natural ingredients our lime honey offers you a stunning flavour that you’ll never forget. With a sharp and unique aroma this is a honey that is a joy to all the senses and is a beautiful golden colour. Fruity with hints of citrus and a tangy full taste this honey is perfect for fruit lovers and the perfect extra ingredient for a number of popular dishes. Whether it’s being served alongside a salad at a barbecue, with a hot cup of tea or you’re simply enjoying a spoonful on its own our sparkling pure lime honey will always taste amazing. Offers a sharper more citrusy taste. A bewitching and enticing aroma! Very versatile and goes well with an array of food and drink Learn More

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