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Provisions for the Seekers (Zad al-Talibin)

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Provisions for the Seekers (Zad al-Talibin)

Author: Shaykh 'Ashiq Ilahi al-Bulandshehri,A Translation and Commentary by Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf. This book is a collection of 327 hadiths which the author, Shaykh ‘Ashiq Ilahi al-Bulandshehri, compiled from ‘Allama Tabrizi’s renowned hadith compilation, Mishkat al-Masabih. The book contains many jawami’ al-kalim, as well as prophecies and other accounts and narratives. The book is ultimately a compilation of hadiths meant to inspire the souls of today’s Muslims and give them a glimpse at the charisma of the Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace) and a roadmap with which they can achieve closeness to their Lord. This work is taught in many of the madrasas around the world as a first hadith work. Now it is available in this beautifully bound English edition with a commentary from the classical sources.

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Provisions for the Seekers (Zad al-Talibin)